Liburdi Dimetrics has a long-standing reputation for mastering welding applications and developing unique technologies. With our extensive experience in the welding industry, we have gained a deep understanding of welding processes and materials, which enables us to develop innovative solutions that meet our clients' unique needs.
Industry leading team of experts in welding automation
Specializing in welding of unique and exotic alloys
Decades of experience deploying systems into challenging environments
Our processes seamlessly integrate with our clients' needs

narrow groove

Liburdi Dimetrics systems have been performing narrow groove welding for more than 30 years. Our technology has been responsible for welding a majority of the world's nuclear reactor primary loop joints. A standard Dimetrics narrow groove system is made up of a GoldTrack VII, FireView, and an H Head.
Up to 12" (300mm) groove depth
Flood cup and blade torch configurations
Out of groove or borescope weld monitoring
Extensive list of customizations such as rotating tungsten

restricted access

Our systems are designed to fit into tight spaces and deliver high-quality welds with unmatched precision. With our advanced technology and extensive experience, we have developed a range of low clearance welding systems that can be configured to meet even the most challenging specifications.
Down to 1.0" (25mm) of clearance
Extensive catalog of proven systems
Custom engineered systems
Small form factor cameras

high productivity GMAW

Liburdi Dimetrics GMAW systems offer cutting-edge technology and advanced processes to help welders achieve exceptional deposition rates, quality, and efficiency. Innovative controls increase productivity while minimizing errors and downtime.
Multiple deployment platforms
Field hardened solutions
Through the Arc Groove Tracking
Robotic Torch Manipulation

in-process NDT

Welding and NDT (non-destructive testing) are two technologies that are critical to the industry, but are rarely integrated. This results in increased costs due to redundant motion platforms and loss of productivity. As pioneers of the industry, we have developed field-hardened orbital motion platforms that allow us to merge welding and NDT technologies to offer seamless solutions to our clients.
ET & UT solutions
Field hardened deployment platforms
Custom probe development
Technique development & qualification

adaptive welding

Our adaptive welding system is capable of reading the weld conditions (i.e. groove geometry) and automatically responding to changes by adjusting the weld path and parameters. The system is based on real time processing of weld monitoring camera images using a dedicated Artificial Intelligence convolutional neural network. The adaptive algorithm accounts for weld path deviations, changes in weld volume, and heat input adjustment.
Fully automated CoPilot software
AI based machine vision
Weld path, volume and heat compensation
Hands free operation

custom designed systems

Our team includes professionals from all disciplines essential to design, build and deploy a successful welding system. Having worked on projects ranging from launch rockets to in-reactor repairs, we’ve developed expertise in welding many different alloys and components ranging in size from 0.005” diameter catheter guide wires to heavy wall pressure vessels.
First of a kind design
Radiation hardened solutions
Collaborative approach
Projects from concept to execution

remote welding

Liburdi Dimetrics remote welding systems enable operators to control and monitor welding processes from a safe distance. Our systems perform work in hazardous or hard-to-reach locations while ensuring the highest level of quality, accuracy and operator safety.
Reducing operator exposure
All-in-one operator interface
Multiple camera views
Multiple deployment platforms