An icon of the dimetrics logo in orange
An image showing the fireview software and hardware in multiple set up configurations
Liburdi Dimetrics' Fireview software logo
remote operator console
Using the latest digital technology, the FireCamTM 4 displays and records live video of the welding arc in full colour. Paired with the Gold TrackTM, the FireCamTM 4 enables precise control and weld quality monitoring for environments where remote welding is essential.
An icon of a computer monitor
remote welding control
An icon of a sun and moon representing contrasting colours
hdr image processing
An icon of a pencil and ruler representing design
Configurable Screen Design
An icon representing an upward trend on a bar chart
Built in Real-Time Data Logging
An icon of a laptop with programming symbols on the screen
full programming interface
An image of the triple screen view of the fireview software and hardware
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