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At Liburdi Dimetrics, we are committed to providing exceptional after-market support and service. Our customers have direct access to spare parts and service teams around the world. Liburdi's goal is to ensure that the clients' operations run smoothly and efficiently. We achieve this by providing the highest level of customer service and support throughout the life of our products.
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Direct technical support
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Emergency worldwide on-site support
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Certified OEM training courses
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Comprehensive factory warranty

spare parts

Having spare parts on hand is crucial to ensure uninterrupted production and to minimize downtime. Our dedicated spare parts teams are trained on our products to assist the customer and streamline the ordering process. Liburdi's extensive inventory is strategically located around the world to expedite shipping and delivery.
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Advanced automated inventory system
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Spare parts kits
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Worldwide inventory locations
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Standard spares stocking program

service centers

Liburdi has multiple service centers located strategically throughout the globe. Our expert team of OEM technicians perform routine calibration and maintenance as well as emergency repairs. Our comprehensive inventory and dedicated technicians enable us to provide quick turnarounds. We are proud to offer ISO 9001 certified calibrations using ISO 17025 compliant instruments.
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Calibration and maintenance programs
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Emergency repairs
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Worldwide locations
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Refurbishments and upgrades

on-site support

Liburdi Dimetrics factory trained technicians are available to support our customers on a moments notice. Whether you need a technician for routine maintenance, calibration or repairs, our trained experts are there to help. To minimize downtime during execution, Liburdi technicians paired with our spare parts kits will ensure the highest level of equipment productivity.
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OEM trained technicians
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Field calibration
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Emergency repairs
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Project startup


Liburdi Dimetrics offers comprehensive training solutions for our orbital welding systems. The training can include calibration, maintenance, programming, operation as well as weld process development. Training is offered at any of our facilities or on-site at the customer's location. Our programs are designed to equip welders with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively operate Liburdi systems, while also providing technicians with the expertise necessary to perform calibration and maintenance tasks with confidence.
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Internationally recognized certified courses
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Dedicated training facilities
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On-site courses available
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Multi-lingual instructors


Liburdi GAPCO provides on-site specialty welding services using advanced welding technology and experienced professionals. We provide world-class weld development and expert engineering for welding solutions that meet the unique needs of each project. Our team is equipped to handle complex welding projects in all industries.
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ASME, CSA, and other international certifications
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Signatory to multiple trades
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Large library of certified weld procedures
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Comprehensive project management